These are commonly asked questions about Texas Teenage Baseball/Softball:


TTA was organized in 1952 as a baseball organization that stresses teamwork, fair play, sportsmanship and participation over winning.  In 1976, TTA Softball was organized in response to the growing interest in a youth program for the young girls in Texas.


Any town, 2 or more towns, county or other geographic areas, may organize TTA Leagues to suit individual needs.


Leagues are made up of 4 or more teams.


A team is limited to 15 players with no more that 8 players at the maximum age for the league.  (Exception - High School Eligible)


League seasons may begin at the discretion of local organizations but must end at the TTA set dates. (see Calendar for current dates)


TTA requires championship teams to remain intact when advancing to District and State Tournaments.  No All-Star teams, but allows 3 pickup players from within the league to join the tournament team.


All playoff tournaments are double elimination and TTA provides guidelines, the official bracket and Champion and Runner-Up trophies.


TTA affiliates are invited and encouraged to apply for hosting of District and State Tournaments.


TTA furnishes a rulebook for each registered team and makes available additional TTA rulebooks, along with official baseball and softball rulebooks.


TTA does not sell or sponsor insurance and leaves local organizations with their choice of player insurance.


Registration fees to TTA are $25.00 per team.  Teams are required to submit a team and tournament roster by due dates each year.  Team rosters are due before the first official games.  See the calendar for due dates for tournament certification forms.


TTAB league age of players is the boy's age on April 30th.


TTAS league age of players is the girl's age on January 1st.


The State Director serving your area and the TTA State Office, will be happy to answer any questions and will assist you in league organization and general assistance during your affiliation with the Texas Teen-Age Association.