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2014 TTA Snap Shots






2013 TTA Snap Shots


2013 Girls HSE State Champions - Brownwood, Coach Albert Gomez



2013 HSE Girls Runner Up - Bosqueville Lady Bulldogs, Coach Marty Leighty


West Czech

 2013 Girls 15U State Champions, West Czech, Coach Michael Matus



Axtell Fusion

 2013 Girls 15U State Runner Up, Axtell Fusion, Coach Jeremy Mach


Belton Punishers

2013 Girls 12U State Champions, Belton Punishers, Coach Brandon LaRue


Troup Coldplay

 2013 Girls 12U State Runner Up, Troup Coldplay, Coach Terry Reid


Normangee Nitro

2013 Girls 12U State 3rd Place, Normangee Nitro, Coach James Light


West Drug Bombers

2013 Girls 10U State Champions, West Bombers, Coach Lisa Kucera


Belton Piranhas

 2013 Girls 10U State Runner Up, Belton Piranhas, Coach Shane Smith


 Belton Lighntning

2013 Girls 10U State 3rd place, Belton Lightning, Coach Ben Lopez


 Temple Cyclones

 2013 Girls 10U 4th Place, Temple Cyclones, Coach Brian Vandenbout


Axtell Lil Lightning and Canton Crush

2013 Girls 10U State Qualifying Teams, Axtell Lil Lightning, Coach Mike Stephens and Canton Crush, Coach Amy Autry


Centerville Lady Tigers and Clifton Crushers 

2013 Girls 10U State Qualifying Teams, Centerville Lady Tigers, Coach Jeffrey Cornett and Clifton Crushers, Coach Matt Davis


DeLeon Mean Green and Denison Diamond Dazzlers

 2013 Girls 10U State Qualifying Teams, DeLeon Mean Green, Coach Chuck Miller and Denison Diamond Dazzlers, Coach Kelsey Holmes


Emory Thunder Stix and Fruitvale Fast N Loud

2013 Girls 10U State Qualifying Teams, Emory Thunderstix, Coach Keith Oaks and Fruitvale Fast N Loud, Coach Colton Littlejohn 


G10U State


 2013 Girls 10U State Qualifying Teams, Grapeland Crossfire, Coach Russell Currie and Hillsboro Chupacabras


 Hillsboro Zebra Warriors and Lexington Lightning

 2013 Girls 10U State Qualifying Teams, Hillsboro Zebra Warriors and Lexington Lightning, Coach Brandy Faith


Malakoff Poison and Salado Thunder

 2013 Girls 10U State Qualifying Teams, Malakoff Poison, Coach Jerry Spiva and Salado Thunder, Coach Jodee Preston


Thorndale Thunder and Whitehouse Hot Shots

 2013 Girls 10U State Qualifying Teams, Thorndale Thunder, Coach Brian Dee and Whitehouse Hot Shots, Coach Chad Chambless


Whitesboro Lady Cats and Winters Diamond Divas 

 2013 Girls 10U State Qualifying Teams, Whitesboro Lady Cats, Coach Darren Wolf and Winters Diamond Divas, Coach Eddie Rodriguez


West Rampage

2013 Girls 8U Coach Pitch State Champions, West Rampage, Coach Frank Kucera

Photo courtesy of Michaels Photography, Denison, TX


Axtell Pink Ladies

 2013 Girls 8U Coach Pitch State Runner Up, Axtell Pink Ladies, Coach Tammy Belk

Photo courtesy of Michaels Photography, Denison, TX


West Rampage and Axtell Pink Ladies

 2013 Girls 8U Coach Pitch State Champions, West Rampage and State Runner Up, Axtell Pink Ladies

Photo courtesy of Michaels Photography, Denison, TX


Lexington Rekin Crew

2013 Girls 8U Coach Pitch, 3rd place, Lexington Rekin Crew, Coach Chandler Evans


Jarrell Sassy Sox

2013 Girls 8U Coach Pitch, 4th Place, Jarrell Sassy Sox, Coach Elizabeth Berumen



Canton Fury

 2013 Girls 8U Machine Pitch State Champions, Canton Fury, Coach Jason Pride


Troy Babes 

 2013 Girls 8U Machine Pitch Runner Up, Troy Babes, Coach Brandon Turner


 Clifton Gloff Ford

 2013 Girls 8U Machine Pitch, 3rd Place, Clifton Gloff Ford, Coach Jackie Kettler


Rogers Mustangs and Van Lady Lonhorns

2013 Girls 6U T-Ball State Champions Rogers Mustangs and Runner Up Van Lady Longhorns


Rogers Mustangs

 2013 Girls 6U T-Ball State Champions, Rogers Mustangs, Coach Lee Thompson


Van Lady Longhorns 

 2013 Girls 6U T-Ball State Runner Up, Van Lady Longhorns, Coach Kyle Jones


Groesbeck Sassy Sluggers

 2013 Girls 6U T-Ball State 3rd Place, Groesbeck Sassy Sluggers, Coach James Robison


Jarrell Rockstars 

 2013 Girls 6U T-Ball State 4th place, Jarrell Rockstars, Coach Jessica Sanchez


Alba Golden Causin Chaos and Axtell Wild Things 

 2013 Girls 6U T-Ball State Qualifying Teams, Alba Golden Causin Chaos, Coach Dusty Swoape and Axtell Wild Things, Coach Heather Mitchum


BMC Bad News Babes and BMC Sweet Peas

 2013 Girls 6U T-Ball State Qualifying Teams, BMC Bad News Babes, Coach Trent Jowell and BMC Sweet Peas, Coach Joel Cutright


Blooming Grove Pink Kittens and Brownsboro Stingers

 2013 Girls 6U T-Ball State Qualifying Teams, Blooming Grove Pink Kittens, Coach Scott Johnson, and Brownsboro Stingers, Coach Phillip Smith


Hillsboro and Van Wild Things

2013 Girls 6U T-Ball State Qualifying Teams, Hillsboro, Coach Jeff Hawkins and Van Wild Things, Coach Randall Alexander


West TX Land Bank and Whitehouse Mustangs

 2013 Girls 6U T-Ball State Qualifying Teams, West Texas Land Bank, Coach Ryan Janek, and Whitehouse Mustangs, Coach Justin Morris



The Crew


2013 Boys HSE State Runner Up, The Crew, Coach Ty Evans


Grapeland Sandies

2013 Boys 15U State Champions, Grapeland Sandies, Coach Wade Crouch


 BMC Bears

 2013 Boys 14U State Runner Up, BMC Bears, Coach Terry Rinehart



Troup Rattlers 

 2013 Boys 12U Open Base State Champions, Troup Rattlers, Coach Tim Ross



DeKalb Rangers

 2013 Boys 12U Open Base State Runner Up, DeKalb Rangers, Coach Doug Palmore


Rogers Eagles

 2013 Boys 8U Machine Pitch State Champions, Rogers Eagles, Coach Jody Williams


Blooming Grove Lions

 2013 Boys 8U Machine Pitch State Runner Up, Blooming Grove Lions, Coach Melvin Watkins


Whitney Wildcats 

 2013 Boys 8U Machine Pitch 3rd Place, Whitney Wildcats


BMC Warriors

 2013 Boys 8U Machine Pitch 5th place, BMC Warriors, Coach Dustin Williams



Van Pump Jacks

 2013 Boys 6U T-Ball State Champions, Van Pump Jacks, Coach Jerami Hawkins


Kerens Bobcats

 2013 Boys 6U T-Ball State Runner Up, Kerens Bobcats, Coach Matt Lynch


Hillsboro 3rd

 2013 Boys 6U T-Ball State 3rd place, Hillsboro, Coach Corey Vaughn



 Mexia Blackcats and Axtell Belk

Great sportsmanship between 1st Place Mexia Blackcats and 2nd Place Axtell Belk at the Boys 10U District 9 tournament in Riesel


 West Drug

2013 Girls 10U, Clifton, District 7 1st place winner - West Drug


 Clifton Gearench Crushers_2nd

 2013 Girls 10U, Clifton, District 7, 2nd place, Clifton Gearench Crushers



2012 TTA Snap Shots!!!

Harker Heights First Pitch



Lt. Col. Bryan Radliff, the deputy commanding officer for 3d Cavalry Regiment threw the opening pitch to Jhaxell Fernandez, a player for the Presidio Astros, during the 12 and Under Tight Base State playoff baseball tournament held in Harker Heights.







Harker Heights Opening Ceremonies


2012 Boys 12U Tight Base Opening Ceremonies, Harker Heights, TX 



Cameron Ladybugs


2012 Girls 6U T-Ball Runner Up - Cameron Ladybugs, Coach Duana Fikes



Muska Insurance


2012 Girls 8U Coach Pitch State Champions - West Muska Insurance, Coach Mika Runyan

Front Row Left to Right: Paige Urbanovsky, Madison Runyan, Paytin Griffin, Kensi Donnell, Bree Brim
Middle Row: Jenna Maler, Jailey LeDane, Hallie Maler, Kinslee Adams, Lauren Scott, Dayla Woodard
Back Row: Mika Runyan, Tommy Muska, Jay Maler, Kim Woodard



Groesbeck Hittin Hippies


2012 Girls 8U Coach Pitch Runner Up - Groesbeck Hittin Hippies, Coach Brian Samford



Athens Lady Rangers


The First Girls 8U Machine Pitch State Champions! - Athens Lady Rangers, Coach Dustin Cook



BMC Herricanes


2012 Girls 8U Machine Pitch State Runner Up - BMC Herricanes, Coach Rick Stewart



 Thorndale Threat


The 2012 Girls 10U State Champions - Thorndale Threat, Coach Jon Newton



West Arbonne


2012 Girls 10U State Runner Up - West Arbonne, Coach Amber Young



Whitney Poore


2012 Girls 10U 3rd Place - Whitney Poore, Coach Grandon Poore



Troup ColdPlay


2012 Girls 12U State Champions - Troup ColdPlay, Coach Terry Reid




Grand Saline Lady Indians


2012 Girls 12U State 3rd Place - Grand Saline Lady Indians, Coach Darrell Neal



 Bosqueville Leighty


2012 Girls 15U State Champions - Bosqueville/Leighty, Coach Marty Leighty



Troup Titans


2012 Girls 15U State Runner Up - Troup Titans, Coach Jody Lloyd




 Bosqueville Lady Dogs


2012 HSE Girls State Champions - Bosqueville Lady Dogs, Coach Dana Light



Early McClesky 95'ers 


2012 Girls HSE State Runner Up - Early McClesky 95'ers, Coach Winifred Campbell



 Comanche Maidens


2012 HSE Girls 3rd Place - Comanche Maidens, Coach Mark and Cathy Drewes



 Bangs Bombers


 2012 HSE Girls 4th Place - Bangs Bombers, Coach Val Garcia



Clyde Lady Dawgs


The Clyde Lady Dawgs, Coach Clint Lesley, participated in the 2012 HSE Girls State Tournament




Whitehouse Gators


2012 Boys 6U T-Ball State Champions - Whitehouse Gators, Coach Derrick Jenkins



Belton Lookouts 


2012 Boys 6U T-Ball State Runner Up - Belton Lookouts, Coach Mark Trovinger



Edgewood Fireballs


2012 Boys 6U T-Ball State 3rd Place - Edgewood Fireballs, Coach Dean Stoltzfus



BMC Sting Rays and PG Red Sox 


2012 Boys 8U Machine Pitch State Champions - BMC Sting Rays, Coach Sean Ray and

State Runner Up - Pleasant Grove Red Sox, Coach LeRoy Twisdale



PG Red Sox


2012 Boys 8U Machine Pitch Runner Up - Pleasant Grove Red Sox, Coach LeRoy Twisdale



Bosqueville Heat


2012 Boys 8U Player Pitch State Champions, Bosqueville Heat, Coach Kevin Hill



DeLeon Xtreme



2012 Boys 9U State Champions - DeLeon Extreme, Coach Ro Lopez

Pictured L-R Skyler Parsons, Mattson Locke, Kasen Seider, Trey Lopez, Zakarie Halcomb, Isaiah Sparger, Lane Powledge, Dawson Mathews, Zach DeVries, L.J Herron, Dominic Heaslet, and Ryley McGinnis. Coaches L-R Head Coach Ro Lopez, Matthew Locke and Angela Powledge



Eastland Comets


2012 Boys 9U Runner Up - Eastland Comets, Coach Brian Bird



PG Horned Frogs


2012 Boys 10U State Champions - Pleasant Grove Horned Frogs, Coach Mike Cobb



Canton Broncs


2012 Boys 10U State Runner Up - Canton Broncs, Coach Matt Tallas



Rogers Amigos


2012 Boys 10U Third Place - Rogers Amigos, Coach Darrell Glaser




Albany and Presidio 


2012 B12U Tight Base Champion and Runner Up teams - Albany Oilers and Presidio Astros



Albany Oilers


2012 B12U Tight Base State Champions - Albany Oilers, Coach Kevin Hill



Presidio Astros 


2012 Boys 12U State Runner Up - Presidio Astros, Coach Alex Fernandez



Ballinger Dream Team 


2012 Boys 12U Tight Base State 3rd place - Ballinger Dream Team, Coach Mark Gonzales



HH Rivercats


2012 Boys 12U Tight Base State 4th place - Harker Heights Rivercats, Coach Terry Sheppard





2012 Boys 12U Open Base Champions - Groesbeck Bradley Circle J Ranch, Coach Scott Wilson



 2012 Killeen Orioles


2012 Boys 14U State Champions - Killeen Orioles, Coach Brian Pagel



2012 Edgewood Titans 


2012 Boys 14U State Runner Up - Edgewood Titans, Coach Dean Stoltzfus



Ennis American Legion 


2012 Boys 15U State Champions - Ennis American Legion, Coach Ray Lawrence



 Brownwood Lions


2012 Boys 15U State Runner Up - Brownwood Lions, Coach Jose Salazar



 Miles White


2012 Boys 15U State 3rd Place - Miles White, Coach Brian Schwertner







2011 TTA Snap-Shots

2011 GTB Champs

2011 Girls State T-Ball Champions - West


 GTB Runner Up

2011 Girls T-Ball State Runner Up - Canton Fury


 Troup ColdPlay

2011 Midget Girls State Champions - Troup ColdPlay


Rusk Boom

2011 Midget Girls State Runner Up - Rusk Boom


Brownwood Fire & Ice

2011 Midget Girls 3rd Place - Brownwood Fire & Ice


Moody Strikerz


 2011 Freshman Girls State Champions, Moody Strikerz, Coach Amber Brown



2010 TTA Snap-Shots!

Clyde Lady Dawgs

2010 HSE Girls State Champions - Clyde Lady Dawgs - Coach Jerry Gordon



 Brownwood Hillshire Farms

  2010 HSE Girls State Runner Up-Brownwood Hillshire Farm - Coach Chenesia Rinehart



Early Scared Hitless 

2010 HSE Girls State 3rd Place - Early Scared Hitless - Coach Winfred Campbell

Bangs HSE girls

2010 Bangs HSE Girls Toxic team.  Coach Val Garcia



 Bangs Dragons

2010 State HSE Boys Champions - Bangs Dragons - Coach Doug Drury



 Brownwood Lions

2010 HSE Boys State Runner Up - Brownwood Lions - Coach Aldo Salazar



Belton Pumas

2010 State Coach Pitch Girls Champions - Belton Pumas - Coach Matthew Sebek



 Athens Sluggers

2010 Coach Pitch Girls State Runner Up - Athens Sluggers - Coach Eric Perkins




West W E Electric

2010 State Midget Girls Champion - West W E Electric - Coach Sharon Hlavenka



Athens Wild Thangs 

2010 Midget Girls State Runner Up - Athens Wild Thangs - Coach Chris House



West Sykora Family Ford 

2010 State Freshman Girls Champions - West Sykora Family Ford - Coach Jill Suggs



 Belton Texans

2010 Freshman Girls State Runner Up - Belton Texans - Coach Danielle Thomas



 Holland X-Treme

2010 Freshman Girls State 3rd Place - Holland X-Treme - Coach Ricky Bennight



Van Wild Things 

2010 Freshman Girls State 4th Place - Van Wild Things - Coach Scott Daniels



Rusk Lady Eagles

2010 State Junior Girls Champions - Rusk Lady Eagles - Coach Trey Bowling



Mildred Eagles 

2010 Junior Girls State Runner Up - Mildred Eagles - Coach Shane Farmer



Belton Sharks

2010 State Boys T-Ball Champions - Belton Sharks - Coach Matt Sebek



 Athens Astros

2010 Boys T-Ball State 3rd Place - Athens Astros - Coach Todd Tanner


 Athens Senators

2010 State Machine Pitch Boys Champions - Athens Senators - Coach Scott McCurley



Cameron Red Sox

2010 State Jr. Midget Boys Champions - Cameron Red Sox - Coach Trey Young




 Jim Ned Pirates

2010 State Midget Boys Champions - Jim Ned Pirates - Coach Victor Powers



 Ranger Texas Rangers

 2010 Midget Boys State Runner Up - Ranger Texas Rangers - Coach Chris McClain



 Eastland Longhorns

 2010 Midget Boys State 3rd Place - Eastland Longhorns - Coach Toby Sparkman



Rusk Express

2010 State Sr. Midget Boys Champions - Rusk Express - Coach Brian Townsend



Troup Rattlers

2010 Sr. Midget Boys Runner Up - Troup Rattlers - Coach Tim Ross




2010 Sr. Midget Boys State 3rd Place - Groesbeck - Coach Scott Wilson


 Eastland Comets

2010 State Freshman Tight Base Champions - Eastland Comets - Coach Phillip Gosnell



Eastland Bulldogs

2010 Freshman Tight Base State Runner Up - Eastland Bulldogs - Coach Gordon Roberts




Cameron Red Sox

2010 State Freshman Open Base Champions - Cameron Red Sox - Coach Ralph Alonso



Chandler Rangers

2010 Freshman Open Base State Runner Up - Chandler Rangers - Coach Ricky Davis



 Cameron Athletics

 2010 State Sophomore Boys Champions - Cameron Athletics - Coach Phillip Dohnalik



Killeen Rangers 

2010 Sophomore Boys State Runner Up - Killeen Rangers - Coach Shannon Dean



 Bosqueville Dawgs

2010 Sophomore Boys State 3rd Place - Bosqueville Dawgs - Coach Carl Collins




 Anson Tigers - Red

2010 Junior Boys State Runner Up - Anson Tigers-Red - Coach Larry Villanueava



 Athens Rangers

2010 Junior Boys State 3rd Place - Athens Rangers - Coach Brent Mossberger




 2010 Junior Boys State 4th Place - Cisco - Coach Doug Witt/Kevin Reed


West Kiwanis 


2010 State Girls T-Ball Champions - West Kiwanis - Coach Frank Kucera, Jr. 

Brownwood White Sox


2010 Junior Boys State Champions - Brownwood White Sox.  Coach Aldo Salazar

2009 TTA Snap-Shots!

09 HSE Girls State Champions

The 2009 High School Eligible Girls State Champions are the Early Pansies coached by Winfred Campbell.

09 HSE Girls Runner Up

The Brownwood Bombers, coached by Charles Atchley, are the 2009 Runner-Up for HSE Girls.

Rusk Lady Eagles 09 JG Champs

The Rusk Lady Eagles are the 2009 Junior Girls State Champions. The coach is David Blankship.


The 2009 Junior Girls Runner-Up were the Bosqueville Steelers, coached by Paul Schuetz.

Belton Cougars

The 2009 Coach Pitch Girls Champions are the Belton Cougars, coached by Mike Ward.

Bullard Bullets

The Bullard Bullets are the 2009 Sophomore Boys State Champions.  They are coached by Wayne Thomas.

State Picture

The 2009 3rd place team of the Coach Pitch Girls State Tourney was the Mart Dynamite Divas. 

DeKalb Angels

The DeKalb Angels, coached by Taylor McKinnie, were the Runner-Up Champs in the District 5 Tournament.

Sr. Midget Boys

The 2009 Sr. Midget Boys Champion, were the Rusk Storm, coached by Rodney Hugghins.

DeKalb Reds

The District 4 Machine Pitch Boys Champions are the DeKalb Reds.  Steve Starrett is the head coach.

Redwater Outlaws

The Redwater Outlaws were the District 2 Champions in Sophomore Boys and placed 3rd at State for 2009.

Ernie Cockran is the head coach of the Redwater Outlaws.

Cameron Red Sox

The Cameron Red Sox are the 2009 Jr. Midget Boys State Champs!  Head coach is David Greene.

Eastland Bulldogs

The 2009 Freshman Tight Base Champions are the Eastland Bulldogs.  The head coach is Chad Gosnell and Assistant Coaches are Jeff Jarvis and Bobby Blackwell.

Rusk Shockwave

The 2009 Midget Girls Runner-Up Champions, coached by Stephen Berry, are the Rusk Shockwave.

Frost Lady Polar Bears

2009 Midget Girls State Tournament--3rd Place--Frost Lady Polar Bears