2017 TTA State Tournaments locations are as follows:

Girls 6U T-Ball - Axtell (Axtell BSA), Girls 8U Coach Pitch - Temple (Central Texas Youth Softball Assoc.), Girls 8U Machine Pitch - Emory (RYSA), Girls 10U - Mildred (Mildred Youth Baseball/Softball), Girls 12U - Denison (Denison Parks & Rec), Girls 15U - Stephenville (Stephenville Recreation Dept.), Girls HSE - Stephenville (Stephenville Recreation Dept), Boys 6U T-Ball - Belton (Belton Youth Baseball Assoc), Boys 8U Machine Pitch - Buffalo (Buffalo Youth Organization), Boys 8U Coach Pitch - Blooming Grove (Blooming Grove Area Youth Assoc), Boys 9U - Colorado City (Mitchell Co. Youth Baseball), Boys 10U Open Base - Lampasas (Lampasas Co. Youth League), Boys 10U Tight Base - Copperas Cove (Copperas Cove Parks & Rec), Boys 12U Open Base - Brownwood (Brownwood Freshman League), Boys 12U Tight Base - Colorado City (Mitchell Co. Youth Baseball), Boys 14U - Groesbeck (GYBSA-Groesbeck Youth Baseball/Softball), Boys 15U - Stephenville (Stephenville Recreation Dept.), Boys HSE - Buffalo (Bison Baseball Support Group)



Please click on the link below for the 2017 Tournament Assignments 


2017 Tournament Assignments


2017 State Tournament Brackets


G6U T-Ball     G8U Coach Pitch     G8U Machine Pitch     G10U     G12U     G15U     G HSE


B6U T-Ball     B8U Coach Pitch     B8U Machine Pitch     B9U     B10U Open     B10U Tight                                                         B12U Open     B12U Tight     B14U     B15U     B HSE


Please click on the link below for the 2016 Tournament Assignments


2016 Tournament Assignments


2016 TTA State Tournament Brackets


Girls 6U T-Ball     Girls 8U Coach Pitch     Girls 8U Machine Pitch     Girls 10U     Girls 12U     Girls 15U     Girls HSE

Boys 6U T-Ball        Boys 8U Coach Pitch        Boys 8U Machine Pitch        Boys 9U         Boys 10U Open Base    

Boys 10U Tight Base     Boys 12U Open Base     Boys 12U Tight Base     Boys 14U     Boys 15U        Boys HSE


Please click on the link below for the 2015 Tournament Assignments

  2015 Tournament Assignments


2015 TTA State Tournament Brackets


Girls 6U T-Ball          Girls 8U Coach Pitch          Girls 8U Machine Pitch          Girls 10U          Girls 12U          Girls 15U          Girls HSE

Boys 6U T-Ball                 Boys 8U Machine Pitch                 Boys 9U                 Boys 10U Tight Base                 Boys 10U Open Base                 Boys 12U Tight Base                Boys 12U Open Base               Boys 14U                 Boys 15U                 Boys HSE



2014 Tournament Assignments

2014 TTA State Tournament Brackets 

Girls 6U T-Ball          Girls 8U Coach Pitch          Girls 8U Machine Pitch          Girls 10U          Girls 12U          Girls 15U      Girls HSE 

Boy 6U T-Ball           Boys 8U Machine Pitch           Boys 8U Player Pitch           Boys 9U          Boys 10U           Boys 12U Tight Base

                                               Boys 12U Open Base             Boys 14U             Boys 15U        Boys HSE


2014 Rule Procedure Changes


2013 Tournament Assignments

2013 State Tournament Brackets

Girls 6U T-Ball          Girls 8U Coach Pitch          Girls 8U Machine Pitch          Girls 10U          Girls 12U          Girls 15U          HSE Girls

Boys 6U T-Ball          Boys 8U Player Pitch          Boys 8U Machine Pitch          Boys 9U          Boys 10U          Boys 12U Tight Base                                                  Boys 12U Open Base          Boys 14U          Boys 15U          HSE Boys Bracket




2012 Tournament Assignments

2011 Tournament Assignments

2010 Tournament Assignments




For the Offical TTA Tournament Brackets, click the bracket you need. Brackets are in PDF Files. Get the Adobe Reader Free from adobe.com

3 Team Bracket 4 Team Bracket 5 Team Bracket 6 Team Bracket 7 Team Bracket

8 Team Bracket 9 Team Bracket 10 Team Bracket 11 Team Bracket 12 Team Bracket

13 Team Bracket 14 Team Bracket 15 Team Bracket 16 Team Bracket 17 Team Bracket

18 Team Bracket 19 Team Bracket 20 Team Bracket 21 Team Bracket 22 Team Bracket

23 Team Bracket 24 Team Bracket 25 Team Bracket 26 Team Bracket